Supporting and investing in the greatest female talent, today.

"We can't do it alone, but we can certainly do it together."

– Jacqui Bloom, Director

Shepreneur is an empowering community, enabling women from strength to strength.  Through our advisory services and investing options we have curated an inclusive and diverse community of women and men implicitly driven to nurture and embrace female founders and female led ventures to succeed.  

How we work

The Shepreneur Model

1. Respect

It starts with respect.
Respect for oneself
Respect for the founder
Respect for the advisor
Respect for the investor
Respect for the ecosystem

2. Passion

There must be passion.
Passion for all that we do
Passion from the founder
Passion from the advisor
Passion from the investor
Passion for building ventures

3. Empowerment

When one is empowered there is no stopping.
We come together as a tribe and community to empower each other in every element of our lives. Empower the sum of all.

Coaching &

Your success is our success. Shepreneur Coach offers a suite of best of kind coaching and advisory services specifically tailored to you and your venture. We prefer to invest in you and your team before we invest in your venture. We become your advisory partner and travel the journey together.

Revenue Based Financing

Research enabled us to understand that many women aren't ready to issue equity in the early days. We hear you! Shepreneur offers the best of both worlds and guides you to understand the differences between equity and finance so that you can decide what's best for your business.


With our strong ethos and values, Shepreneur attracts investors globally who want to stand behind the women working on the world's to do list and be part of the movement changing the staggering facts. As of 2022 the Shepreneur Fund is emergent with our first round of portfolio companies.

Our Work Inspires Smiles

The Faces Behind Our Success

We believe supportive men are equally as important as women to help bridge the gap for funding into female founders and female led ventures. 

Whether you are an investor or a professional partner, we welcome you to join us.

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